Whats in your Cheese?


Ingredients: Cow’s Milk, Salt, Annatto Natural Cheese Colourant, Starter Culture, Microbial (non-animal) Rennet.


What is your Rennet made from?


It’s a Microbial non-animal rennet.


What is the difference between the white & yellow cheddar?


Absolutely nothing, it’s just the added colourant! The natural colour of cheese is white.

How long is your cheese matured for?


For our Cheddar its three months and for our Vintage its six months. The Gouda is matured for one month as it’s a more milder cheese.

Does the milk get pasteurized?


Yes, indeed it does. It’s one of the processes of making cheese. 


Can I come and visit your factory?


Unfortunately, due to our Hygiene standards we do not allow visitors to view the factory or sales on site however click here to find out where you can buy our cheese.

Is your cheese Halaal?


Creighton Valley Cheese is Halaal accredited through S.A.N.H.A.